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Introducing FreelanceSugar!

In this video, I give a quick tour of what I’ve been working on and thinking about, including the recent change (expansion!) of scope that I’m taking on with FreelanceSugar.

Previously, I was focused entirely on invoicing, but I’ve been seeing and hearing more and more complaints about how it’s such a pain to switch between one app and another to send out an proposal, get a signature, then send out invoices, and keep the client up-to-date.

I’m going to fix that with FreelanceSugar. It’s super ambitious, which will be the toughest part. I need to get something launched as soon as possible so that I can start learning from my customers, but there are a certain number of features that are just table-stakes for what I’m looking to do for Freelancers.

But one thing I know is that freelancers and side-gig hustlers are who I want to serve, so I’m going to double-down on them, and I’m excited!

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Day 14 Video Update: Adding Invoice Line-Items

It’s been four days since my last update, and I don’t have a ton to share, but that’s kind of the point. Even when you’re going full-time on something, there are days when family calls or you’re just not that productive.

That’s how the past few days have been for me.

In this quick 2-minute update, you can see the progress I’ve made with the create/edit invoice screen when adding invoice line-items.

Thanks for following along!

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Day 10: Projects and Invoices!

Just a quick 2-minute update on what I’ve been working on yesterday and today

βœ… Done: Wrapped up the finishing touches on creating a new client
βœ… Done: Added the ability to create new projects (and associate them with a client)
βœ… Done: Project billing preferences can now override client-level preferences
βœ… Done: Edit and view a project
βœ… Done: Project activity feed
βœ… Done: Project notes (including markdown parsing)
βœ… Done: Create an invoice (no line items yet, but you can provide basic info and payment preferences)
πŸ”¨ Working on next: Adding line items to invoices, saving, and editing
πŸ”¨ After that: PDF invoice generation (preview mode)