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πŸ’Ž SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter #4

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to your weekly edition of the SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter from @PocketBryan!

πŸ‘‰  This week, I’m going to try a different format: Rather than simply include a list of articles and brief summary, I’m going to include what I specifically learned (and that you may as well).

Ready? Here we go!


Interesting and actionable articles, worth your time.

  • The Good Enough Launch
    Written in 2016 by Amy Hoy, this is still 100% valid. It’s a quick, fun, and thought-provoking read.
    ✍️  What I learned:
    • If you’re really building something that people crave, they’re willing to put up with more rough edges that you think they are. This is a good litmus test for whether you’re sinking time into something that people will actually want and use.
    • One question/doubt I still have: I’m launching into an existing market with established competitors and a clear baseline (minimum features) that users are expecting. Can I still launch earlier than I’m comfortable with (as she recommends)? If not, maybe I’m not differentiating myself enough.

Books and Courses

  • Marketing for Developers
    I bought and read this book a couple of years ago, and loved it. It helped me get over the “marketing/sales is icky” feeling that I felt as a developer. I ran across it recently in my bookmarks, and I will be reading it again (and recommend you do too)
    ✍️. What I learned:
    • Marketing isn’t about trying to convince someone to buy something they don’t want — it’s about getting in front of as many πŸ‘€ eyeballs as possible, so that you can find the people that do want what you’ve built. The Internet is enormous, so you cannot (I repeat cannot) expect people to just stumble upon your product and suddenly want to buy it. You have to get in front of them (sometimes multiple times, because people are busy), and this book talks about how to do that, what you should be thinking about, and when.
  • Best Startup Growth Books, by Product Hunt
    I have an addiction to books, and especially books about entrepreneurship and startups. There is so much to be learned from people that have succeeded or failed before, so long as you can sift through the fluff and motivational nonsense to find the real gems. This list of upvoted books could help do just that!
    ✍️  What I learned:
    • I had this bookmarked from a couple of years ago, and it now has a completely new list of books (many that I had never heard of). I need to bookmark this and come back to it about once a month for more awesome SaaS/Marketing/Startup tactics and knowledge 🀀

Tools, Tips, and Code

  • Favico.js
    I’m saving (and sharing) this for later. This little JavaScript library allows you to add a badge or indicator (like for unread notifications) in your favicon.
    ✍️  What I learned:
    • Although I’m sure I’ve seen it, I didn’t realize just how dynamic a favicon could be. Hmm… I wonder what other things I can do with it πŸ€”
  • Freelance Rates Explorer
    So many of us freelance or do side-gigs, and one of the hardest things (aside from finding clients in the first place) is knowing how much to charge. Bonsai put together this tool that aggregates the data their users charge their clients for, to give you an idea of what the going market rates are like. Even though Bonsai is (or will be) a competitor, I’m not too proud to admit this is a pretty great tool!
    ✍️  What I learned:
    • I could (should) be charging close to double what I have always been. How about you?
  • Amazon Web Services in Plain English
    Even while working at Amazon, I couldn’t stay on top of all of the AWS products, what they did, and how I might use them. This guide is awesome (and I wish I had seen it earlier). It has a “should have a been called” column for each product, which is spot on. If you’re using AWS (or would like to), start here to understand what each service does.
  • Gorgeous Wallpapers
    This has absolutely nothing to do with being a SaaS founder, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous new wallpaper? This site has a beautiful selection of space/planet-themed wallpapers without annoying ads or popups. Seriously, they’re gorgeous.
    πŸŒ‡. My pick (which I just set my desktop to) is this Martian landscape

Interesting Twitter Threads from this week

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πŸ₯‚ That’s it for this week!

What did you think of the new format this week? Should I keep it or go back to how it was last week? Let me know!

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