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SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter #6

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to your weekly edition of the SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter from @PocketBryan!

In this newsletter, we’re going with quality over quantity. Each item listed below has been vetted and reviewed by me, to ensure it’s not a waste of your time and that there is something actionable to apply to your SaaS, as a fellow founder.

Here we go!


  • πŸŽ‰  Introducing The Indie Dads Podcast!
    I am excited to announce the launch of the Indie Dads podcast, co-hosted by me and Malcom Jack! Why “yet another podcast”? We think we have a fun and unique angle that isn’t discussed enough: raising a family and starting an indie business at the same time. Being family-first, pushing hard to also make your business succeed, and maintaining a balance.

    You can find us on your favorite podcast app, YouTube, or at
  • Growing a 7-figure business with SEO
    I really enjoyed listening to Paulina Masson‘s approach to building, growing, and marketing her SaaS businesses. She’s sold a “low seven-figure” business by working backwards from her goal and putting together an SEO strategy that got her there, incrementally and deliberately. 


Interesting and actionable articles, worth your time.

  • The Growth Marketing Handbook
    This very thorough guide walks you through all the ways you can and should be thinking about marketing and growing your SaaS. I love reading through guides like these because even though they might not have exact approach that works for me, it fills my backlog (and brain) with ideas of things to try. This one is worth a read.
  • 100+ Startup Ideas
    Ideas are cheap and building is the easy part, but Steve Poland has been putting together a list of startup ideas (and brief descriptions of how they could work). The really interesting thing is that even though these ideas are a few years old at this point, many of them are still very interesting.Give it a read if you’re looking for some inspiration.
  • The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get
    A fantastic reminder that there is no such thing as an overnight success, and for every podcast or book with a success story, there are many more failures out there that people just don’t talk about. Succeeding at building a company takes a certain amount of luck, but you can increase that luck over time as Mark described in his article.

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