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SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter #7

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to your weekly edition of the SaaS Founder Gems Newsletter from @PocketBryan!

In this newsletter, we’re going with quality over quantity. Each item listed below has been vetted and reviewed by me, to ensure it’s not a waste of your time and that there is something actionable to apply to your SaaS, as a fellow founder.

Here we go!


  • Reaching the Top of Product Hunt with Derrick Reimer MicroConf Remote 2021
    There is a lot of talk lately on Twitter about either upcoming Product Hunt launch plans, or how to launch your product there and get the best results. If you’re considering launching on Product Hunt, you need to watch this video first. It provides solid, practical, and (best of all) specific advice on how to prepare for your launch to maximize your chance of success.
  • 3 Cutting Edge SaaS Marketing Strategies That Work In 2021
    I admit that this video looks and feels like an infomercial, but give it a chance. Dan Martell knows his stuff, and shares three unique marketing strategies you should consider. I can see how they would work with nearly any B2B SaaS, so give it some thought.

    Can you tell my mind has been on marketing lately? πŸ˜… 


Interesting and actionable articles, worth your time.

  • Working In Bets: Iterating through doubt and uncertainty on your startup
    I love this framework, because it gives you a good mixture of going with your gut and using data at the same time to validate your ideas and deal with doubt/questions you have in any stage (but especially in the beginning stage) of your startup. Read this, absorb it, and actually try it. Don’t let this be yet another one of those articles you just read and think “hmm, that’s interesting” and then do nothing with.
  • Epic post on Reddit about evergreen SEO strategies that work
    Some day, when I get really good at marketing, I’m going to write a book called “Marketing for Introverts”, because that’s what makes marketing so intimidating for me. I think that’s why so many SaaS founders gravitate toward SEO (in addition to the fact that good SEO works for you 24/7). This post on r/startups is a 5,000+ word mega-post about how you can practically and pragmatically approach SEO for any SaaS and any product. It’s evergreen advice, IMO, meaning that it’s not gimmicky or suggesting things that will work today but not a year from now. Well worth your time both as a learning opportunity and a checklist for how you’re approaching SEO today.


  • Everything is Marketing with Corey Haines and guest Melanie Deziel: Unlimited Content Ideas, Content Multipliers, & Repurposing Hacks
    This one really got my brain going about so many things I could be writing and teaching about. Like Melanie talks about, I also once thought some people were just naturally gifted with being able to come up with tons of good content creation ideas… but I’m convinced after listening to this episode that it’s more like a muscle that you can exercise and get really good at, quickly. She walks you through her process and how it can apply in any category or product. I’ve bookmarked this one to listen to again later.
  • πŸŽ‰ Indie Dads episode 2 comes out on Tuesday (Aug 24, 2021)
    If you haven’t already, catch up on episode one and let me know what you think! We’ve been blown away by all the support and listens so far. I was honestly expecting maybe a dozen people would eventually listen, but so far we’ve had 143 downloads and 72 views on YouTube. Given we started at zero and this was just our first episode, we’re pretty excited to keep sharing our journey and learnings!


  • Marketing Made Simple
    It’s no secret that I have an addiction to books. The trick is to not get sucked into hype, generic nonsense, and empty promises in all the business books out there. That’s why I dig deep for the books that have actionable and realistic advice that I can implement immediately. This is definitely one of those books. Specifically geared towards B2B companies, Donald Miller walks you through his specific 5-step strategy for marketing and attracting the right kinds of customers, at scale. They are:

    1. Create a memorable one-liner and use it everywhere
    2. Wireframe and create a clear and compelling landing page
    3. Create a lead-generating PDF
    4. Create an email campaign that helps and practically solves your customers problems
    5. THEN pitch them on how your product can help them.
    While this sounds obvious and intuitive enough, he does a great job of explaining the psychology behind why customers act the way they do (prior to buying), and how to specifically complete each of his steps, above. Worth a read.

Just for Fun

  • Phaser – HTML5 Game Framework
    If you’re a technical founder, I know the last thing we all need is another distraction, so just bookmark this one for later when you need something fun to play with. I’ve always thought if I had more time on my hands, it’d be fun to build a simple HTML/JavaScript game. This framework makes that a lot easier and looks to have some pretty fun walkthroughs and tutorials on how to get started.

Interesting Twitter Threads and Thoughts from This Week

πŸ‘‡ Yes, this sounds a little over-the-top on the hype train, but give it a read. It’s actually very solid advice for writing good copy on your website or in your app that gets people’s attention.

πŸ‘‡ Data-informed decisions are better than blind decisions, but don’t follow the data blindly!

πŸ₯‚ That’s it for this week!

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